Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amuse bouche du jour

Three interesting things today: 


Why Turkey will not enter the EU: The "process" is designed to be interminable, and Erdogan sees it as a tool to free rampant, militant Islam of all restraint, crushing the Kemalist institutions that guaranteed ACTUAL freedom in Turkey for nearly a century.


The Three State Solution: Egypt and Jordan accept responsibility for the Arab populations of Gaza and Yosh, AND Israeli sovereignty over Jewish population centers in the later. Oh, Danny, really? Why? They've rejected their own people for so long, what makes you think the East and West Arabs will go for this? In exchange for what?

I keep seeing articles in Israeli media, but hardly anywhere else, indicating concern for the Coptic Christians of Egypt who are now going through what the reviled, robbed, and finally exiled JEWS of Egypt experienced in the 1950s, Shia Muslims and Bahais somewhat later. When the Egyptians came for the Jews, they cared not, for were they Jews? Now the Egyptians are coming for the Copts, and there is NOONE to protest in their behalf. And the crocodile is still hungry.

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