Monday, October 1, 2012


"Gaza Mom Chooses Israeli Hospital to Save Baby

After losing 3 babies to rare birth defects at Egyptian hospitals, a Gaza mother followed doctors' advice and took her fourth to Israel."

This poor "Palestinian" woman apparently has children with congenitally blocked bowels.

CHOOSES. SHE CHOSE an ISRAELI hospital, and the Jew Devils took her in and SAVED HER CHILD'S LIFE. Because Jews are so evil and cheap and set so low a value on life. Gee, they didn't chase her off with a stick, in "apartheid" Israel? No, she just crossed into Israel at the Erez checkpoint and went to an Israeli hospital. I'll bet she has full Israeli medical coverage. BTW, why do Egyptian hospitals suck so bad, and which Gazan doctor said, "If you want decent care for your little Arab baby, go ask the Jews"?


There's a Republican Security Council ad out listing numerous violent acts by muslims against Americans since 1979, including terror attacks on civilians (e.g., Achille Lauro) and military personnel (e.g., Khobar Towers) and attacks on US Military personnel deployed abroad (e.g., Afghanistan). One can't really compare their killing armed Americans who came to their own tin piss pot excuses for countries to stop them from murdering EACH OTHER (and shipping opium products world wide) with them coming HERE to murder Americans. Each has its own heinousness. And they missed the 2002 Beltway Sniper, the airborne soldier who grenaded the officers' tent in Kuwait in 2003, and the Pakistani Mumbai attack of 2008.  I'm not sure if there were Americans killed in the multiple train bombings there in 2006.


ebay asks:  If I drove a Maserati, I would _________. (Insert YOUR dream.)

Not.  I would never drive a single vehicle for the price of which I could have a fleet of hondas, the maintenance of which would require me to have another car half of the time and cost as much as the car itself.  It's like asking how I'd enjoy my coffee at $20 a cup, like that nauseating stuff that ferments in a rodent's digestive tract in Borneo. I understand that there isn't much of it.  Who wants to spend their working life up a rat's butt squeezing turds?  But that isn't a reason to pay extra for fecal coffee. Scarcity of penis substitutes isn't a good reason to pay two to three times the average annual American income for this little red motorized dildo.

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