Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well, it wasn't "brave Muslim warriors."  Apparently, it was just five Muslim girls on her soccer team, who had been mocking and belittling her for some time, but only felt they needed to dry gulch the girl when she stood up for herself, like Belgium wasn't a Muslim country, under Shari'a, and nonMuslims still had some actual rights.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wow.  Been since September.


Amazingly, this is only being noticed in Jewish media. In Belgium, 5 Moroccan teens beat a 13-year old Jewish girl, screaming Dirty Jew & Go Back To Your Country. Yes, 5 five 5 BRAVE MUSLIM WARRIORS dry gulched a single Jewish girl, 5 immigrants told a native to leave. Are we getting this yet? Anyone remember a few years back when 5 Afghanis threw rocks through an NYC laundromat's plate glass window at a pregnant Hasidic woman? Did anyone else notice the Jewish woman sliced open in Flatbush a week ago (11/15) by someone who jumped into an escape van after the murder?


Jordan radicalizing. Egypt's military council warning it will not accept an election that threatens the military's privileges. Lebanon shot four katyushas into the galil overnight. Oh, then there are Pakistan and Iran. How deep a hole should I dig?

Soooo.... Isfahan nuclear plant blows up... And BooBoo Nuttenyahoo seems to think that the PLO should be buried in baksheesh for NOT calling death and destruction down on its "peace partner" after its failed end run around statehood at the UN... And a NJ guy was just arrested in Cali for concluding a custody visit by ejecting his two year old daughter off a bridge IN HER CHILD SAFETY SEAT... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, finally I understand Sigd. It celebrates the reacceptance of the Torah under Ezra haSofer. Sort of a reverse Tisha b'Av. It was actually last Shabbat (the 29th of, as CCTV put it "Chesh-wan"), but happy Sigd anyway!


Did TARP and TOO BIG TO FAIL make you angry? No? Hear about the $7.7 TRILLION the Fed apparently secretly gave to banks at 0.01% so they could buy federal reserve notes at about 3%... yes, the fed gave the banks free money it didn't have... in the trillions... and then the same banks lent that money back, making billions. What is the sound of 330 million people puking?

PotUS has adopted a new campaign catchphrase: "Change Is". In the name of Sweet Fanny Adams and all that is good and holy, could you spare it, guy? That's the best you could do? Compare to FDR, who DIDN'T say, "Fear Isn't", JFK who didn't say, "Go Do Something", LBJ's Great Society at least painted a picture. Really? Two lousy words that say NOTHING? Change is what? Good? Bad? Coming? Necessary? Full of cheese?

Hizb'allah is blaming their recent work accident on Zahal. Too bad it's probably not true. Katyushas into Israel FROM Lebanon OUGHT to be answered. But the most likely chain of events involve someone misreading the persian translation of the Chinese directions on a box of detonators.


The Newt is making the standard noises about moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem again. Understand: It will NEVER happen. Besides the facts that it would be expensive (& we are trillions past broke), & that there is no really suitable place for it, & that it would piss off every country from France to Malaysia, once done it could NEVER BE USED AS A CAMPAIGN PROMISE AGAIN. Think of this as one more cynical attempt at manipulating us to focus ANYWHERE but on what a jerk he really is. The Qimoy and Matsu of 2011, version 1.1.

Just saw a great bit of slang. I've been using terms like Yechupetz and Yennemsville and ’in the middle of great, vast, freaking nowhere’, but apparently "Sof haOlam, Smolah" סוף העולם, שמאלה means the same thing.

Look at the news from Egypt. The electoral news. The Moslem Brotherhood, which is moderate like cheesecake is low calorie, will likely get a majority, and a MORE extreme party will likely get another 10-15%. A 60-70% coalition of the people who have been blowing up the natural gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan about once a month. Hooray for the democratic fallout of the Arab Spring.

Our Buddy Leon Panetta wants Israel to make some unilateral concessions, the only unilateral moves the Arabs find acceptable, to lure the Arabs back to the negotiating tables, where Israel can be more conveniently pressured to make further concessions to the Arabs for the sake of a peace that includes constant bombardment BY the Arabs. He says Israel needs this. Actually, he is confused. PotUS needs something he can point to and call a success before the election, and he doesn't care who pays for it, or how badly it explodes, as long as the explosion comes after he gets that 2nd term, and it isn't right next to him. And the alternative is a guy named Newt. No, Potter fans, not "Scamander".